Some Super Bowl Ideas

Crudite, Dips, shrimp, and baked brie are never out of place at a party!

If you are like me, this Sunday is more about the food (or the road race) than it is about the teams or the game.  Maybe if the Patriots were playing I would be singing a different tune- but alas, no dice.

I read in Bon Appetit’s latest issue last night that the Super Bowl should be treated as a food holiday akin to Thanksgiving-  and I tend to agree.  We ought to have a day where it is considered OK to eat lots of chicken wings, tacos, guacamole shaped into a field, 7 layer dips, hot cheese dips, cold cheese dips, fried food, pizza, mini sausage wieners dressed up in crescent roll dough, drink high calorie carbonated beverages (pick your poison- beer or soda- neither are good for you!), etc.

Might I suggest whipping up a batch of slider buns?  Perhaps place some smoked mozzarella stuffed meatballs in them?DSCN2697 WP_20131214_17_22_12_Pro DSCN2908 I love carnitas!  I need to remake this and update the photos and take some shots that are a little more glamorous :)

DSCN2512But if you want a scene stealing appetizer- do the crab cakes!  You can make them on Saturday and then bring them over to the party on Sunday.  Or just eat them all yourself.  Duh.

If you want a great Saturday project and you have fancy friends who love smoked fish- please try making your own cold smoked salmon- mike has a great method.DSCN2812

For dessert nothing beats brownies.  These are going to get re-photographed as soon as I make them again :)  Simplest Fudgy BrowniesDSCN2706

DSCN2892 I won’t judge you if the plan is to keep it simple though :)

Just make sure you guard your food from this cat:

"General, go put on your Christmas antlers and sit in timeout!"
“General, go put on your Christmas antlers and sit in timeout!”

DSCN2295Because if you don’t, he will eat it.

Also-  Happy first birthday to this guy:IMGP1911 Samson- your mom loved you before we ever knew you would be here.   And one day we will tell you all about the fun we had in college together 😉

Happy Friday!


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2 Responses to Some Super Bowl Ideas

  1. Anda says:

    Love the post! I am not even watching the game, I am going to cook something off the blog posts!

  2. Jeff says:

    Another option is to buy a whole roasted pigs head from one of your favorite restaurants. :)

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