A new favorite! Wedge Salad with Roasted Tomato and Shallot Vinaigrette

Enter the wedge salad-  I’ve always loved it.  Not because of the traditional iceberg lettuce or bland tomatoes- let’s be serious- those are fine…  but the bacon and blue cheese steels the cake.

DSCN3712A couple of months ago this salad was featured in Food & Wine as a “classic steak house salad”- so it fit the bill for our decadent date night in last Saturday.  What appealed to us was that the dressing was made of roasted tomatoes and shallots (giving it the color of a thousand island dressing but flavor to the moon!)- as well as blue cheese and sherry vinegar (a new favorite vinegar for all salad dressings!).

The dressing was to die for.  As soon as I tasted it (and it made a lot)- I immediately made plans for it to have a starring role for a chicken sandwich later in the week. The very next day (Sunday)- when I got home from my epic elliptical-ing I grabbed it FIRST thing out of the fridge, gussied it up with some sriracha and made a killer sauce for a leftover steak sandwich which was inhaled in about .5 seconds.


DSCN3696 DSCN3697 DSCN3703

Basically- roast and blend the shallots and tomatoes, add sherry vinegar and some dijon mustard; blend; add blue cheese and the oil and blend again.

DSCN3705For assembly, you need sliced red onion, diced tomato, some crisped bacon (we did ours in the microwave and then chopped it up…  and please don’t be like us and forget the spicy pepitas that you made!

See us making them:DSCN3680DSCN3707

They were delicious and would have added a lot to the salad!  Too bad we are human and forget to do things sometimes-  these would have complemented the dressing nicely.  Toasty, smoky and a little spicy to go with the zesty/earthy flavors of the dressing.  mmmm.


Find this gem of a salad here: Butter Lettuce with Tomato Vinaigrette, courtesy of Tim Love


Next up this week I’ll show you how to stretch everything you bought for this fancy salad into another dinner!  It is how we roll around here and keep the budget in check- and boy will it be yummy.




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  1. Reading your blog always makes me so hungry. This looks delicious!
    I’m inviting myself over for dinner, hope you don’t think that’s creepy!

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