‘Twas the day before T-day, and all through the gym…

IMG_20131127_070746_021 Nothing was stirring, not even a mouse.  I apologize for the very strange gym selfie.  I am awkward at best at selfies- but what I was going for is that NO ONE WAS THERE.  Like, gigantic, private gym all to myself.  I could fart all morning if I had needed to!  I didn’t.

Yes, I went there.  Look, it happens.

Morning gym today because LOTS of places to go whenever the work day ends today.  Lovely cured meats need to be purchased, seafood needs to be bagged- and also- I want to get home with enough time to really get going on preparations for tomorrow!

Last night we:  dry brined the Turkey, made cranberry “bread” (more of a cake, if you ask me), made cornbread for the stuffing, and began curing anchovies for home-made anchovies.  Yes, home-made.  I de-finned, de-backed, de-tailed, and filleted those tiny fishes and then set them in the fridge in a white-wine vinegar bath.  Later today they get a rinse, and then a garlic oil bath.  I have been told that these cured fishes are outstanding- the last time I made them, however, I chickened out on eating them.  For whatever reason I have just never loved pickled fish.  I’m going to try again though!

The best part of today is that my mom and sister will arrive sometime this evening!  I wish them safe travels through the rain :) I will have a pot of chili waiting on the stove and tons of cheesy chips for noshing…  and then we will all begin making some more infamous dishes, including a marshmallow and canned fruit masterpiece (seriously, I should hate this stuff but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it) from the Betty Crocker Cookbook known as 24 hour Salad.  I desperately searched google images for a photo- but imagine fruit encased in a home-made (seriously, from scratch) custard, with homemade whipping cream folded throughout, dotted with mini marshmallows that soak up some of the liquid from the fruit- actually becoming something else altogether (tangy and creamy, actually), coated with another layer of whipped cream. A SALAD, made with WHIPPING CREAM.  mmmm.

What are your family’s traditions?  Anyone else have relics from Betty Crocker?  Fancy Jellos or weird fruit salads/dips?

We’ll post a photo of our creation tonight, with my mom’s best advice as to how NOT to ruin it (we have, over the years, found all of the ways to botch this all up).

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!



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4 Responses to ‘Twas the day before T-day, and all through the gym…

  1. Laura Bianco says:

    Um, the fruit/custard/whipped cream thing sounds amazing.

    I went to my sports doc this week and he said 3 more weeks at the most until I can start running again. I know it will be a slow start but I cannot wait!

    • kristina says:

      Awesome! I did do some running yesterday (not today- I flopped my plans at the last sec) and the rest I took the last 5 days seems to has helped a TON! The best part about getting back into it is falling back in love with running :)

  2. Val says:

    I still love the traditional Campbell’s Soup green bean casserole, although I switched to frozen green beans and started making the mushroom cream sauce part from scratch a few years ago (and this year it’s gluten- and dairy-free, but still pretty freakin’ awesome). This year we had to give up the canned fried onions (French’s are pretty good, Trader Joe’s are GREAT) in favor of fried shallots from the Asian market (because I am still way too lazy to fry my own onion topping).

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