Weekend Things- a photo diary

Another set of photos for you guys to check out- and another busy weekend!  Some of the photos were taken by Val from the Slacker Gourmet-  check her out here!  www.theslackergourmet.com


Not pictured:  Nicole (The girl who ran everywhere!) and I ran 17.5 (she ran 18) miles together-  it was so much fun!  We decided we are never running long alone again.  If we can help it.  LOL.  We did her route and I experienced my own area like it was brand-new!  I think I said 1,000 times “I have NEVER run this road in this direction before!”

Also, my good friend Kim is getting married in two weeks and so we celebrated her bachelorette party this weekend- we had a great time!

The weekend ended with naps and yummy food- but we were worn out so I didn’t take any pictures of dinner.  Oops.  Also, I made an angel food cake that completely fell.  Both apart and inwards.  I think I under-baked it by about 5 minutes.  It is delicious and now we are calling it trifle :)

Mushroom, leek, fontina pizza = LOVE!


Friday night: Sausage & Pepper Pizza

Bacon and fig with balsamic & microgreens
Bacon and fig with balsamic & microgreens
Bath Time!  Cute wet doggy
Bath Time! Cute wet doggy
Blueberry/Strawberry crumble (and whip!)
Blueberry/Strawberry crumble (and whip!)IMG_20140308_184454Perfect Manhattan: Bachelorette Party Begins!

P1030936Tuna cones- totally crave-able- a favorite!P1030935The blushing bride and her sister!IMG_20140309_154852_894Sleepy Boys after a big night!IMG_20140309_182139_930Sleepy dog after 3 miles!






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7 Responses to Weekend Things- a photo diary

  1. Charlotte says:

    Can you guys reproduce that pizza???? I mean, some time when you are HERE!!!

  2. Anda says:

    I have greatly enjoyed the last several posts, wish I could visit in person.

  3. I want that pizza…yum!!!:)

    Looks like your night was a blast!:)

    your pup is so cute!

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