Running Recap! (excited that the recap includes running!!)

So in the big news of the week- I ran 3 days in a row this week!  :)  This is a big deal, because since my foot issue (that started back in February)- I have been either NOT running (and ellipticall-ing) or running every other day and keeping things easy.

Well friends- this was a new week- and the last week of my “reverse taper” to get back into the swing of things.  I am happy to report that for nearly all of my runs I did not think about my foot or feel my foot or begin to panic about my foot- which is HUGE progress.  Those of you who have been on the injury train know what I mean-  it is an endless battle of over-thinking and self doubt.

We’ve all seen things like this, right?

So- what HAVE I been up to?

3/16- 7 miles total: 2 miles w/u, followed by 5 mile race.  See my  weekend things post for detail.
3/17- 1 mile with Isaac (really, it was off- but I am counting every mile that my dog actually runs)
3/18- 13 miles, pace ranging from 7:53 to 8:49. total time: 1:52
3/19- 1 mile with Isaac, 6.2 on my own.  Isaac’s mile is about 9 minutes.  My 6.2 were 53 minutes.
3/20- 10 miles, 1:24

3/21- (today)- planned- XT or OFF
3/22- 20 planned miles with Nicole!

planned total (Sun.-Sun)- 58.2 miles- possibly a touch more if I run on Sunday (undecided).

Cardiovascularly, I feel like it is taking more effort to run – but I am not really surprised by that considering I had weeks of 0, 20,  and 30ish miles for the last month.  What I am excited for is that while my 13 miler felt like drudgery and I was tired-  by yesterday’s run I was full of energy and enthusiasm.


I am still working on my race schedule for the spring.  Most likely it will include as many races in the New England Runner Pub Series as possible-  and that series begins with a 5 miler on April 15th down in Jamaica Plain (Boston).  Prior to that I have a 5k on the schedule next weekend- but I am not prioritizing it.  More than likely I will do my long run the day before the race, so I will probably just do it as a “fun run”.

Oh, and we are getting down to the wire for BOSTON.  ahhh!

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  1. Cannot wait for tomorrow we will be so fast!!:) great runs!:)

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