Running Roundup- Less than 4 weeks to go!

Boston packets arrived in the mail this week- the official runner passport, pamphlets and all of the shiny things that say “the marathon is riiiiiggght around the corner”.

It made my heart skip a beat.  I am ready for this beast of a marathon to be OVER in many ways- I am getting tired of feeling chained to a schedule, the long long runs feel tedious- and the medium long runs are making me a hangry person in the middle of the week!  My running feels more like a job most days than my passion and hobby.

But at the same time, I am so lucky to be able to participate-  I want to tackle this thing in full beast mode (whatever that may be)- and do it justice.

With that in mind- each run this week that I have not wanted to do- I did.  Full steam ahead!

The recap:

Sunday- 6 mile shakeout.  50 minutes.  My foot bothered me a bit.

Monday- 45 minutes arc trainer, followed by the best ever deep tissue massage.  mmm.  Can I have one everyday?

Tuesday- 8 miles-   8:49, 8:40, 8:40, 8:30, 8:15, 8:08, 7:50, 7:30

Wednesday- 14 miles- 7 at marathon pace (ranged between 7:47 and 8:00).  MP felt easy!  shweeeeet!

Thursday- 60 minutes arc trainer

Friday- mileage TBD- Fartlek  (speedplay!)

Saturday- 20 (planned) miles

total miles- 54-56ish, depending on Friday’s run

Overall I have felt a bit sore in my tush and hamstrings during each run- however after 4-5 miles I seem to be able to shake it off and get moving.  My foot has been sore-ish here and there- nothing consistent.  (I may also be thinking about it a lot, so that obviously can contribute to how much it “hurts”).  I am feeling good about marathon pacing-  If all I do is maintain 8 min/miles (a 3:30 marathon)- I will be OK with that (but of course I have an “A” goal in mind).  I plan on executing even pacing, with the hope of a negative split-  so practicing finishing all of my runs faster should help.

The next week of running is the last of the “bulky” runs- and on to taper madness!  I have been rereading portions of Advanced Marathoning like a fiend- tapering properly is key to a great goal race- so just as I have been tackling the miles lately- that time will be reserved for QUALITY vs QUANTITY.

Happy Friday, all!

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  1. I’m so proud of you for beasting it and kicking butt in ALL workouts!! :) wish I was doing my 20 with you and not in the rain on Sunday!! ;( waah!!

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