Getting your groove back

Sometimes all it takes is getting out the door.  Monday night’s run was another garbage-y run- not bad, but not good either.  I still felt sore from SATURDAY…  so it was an effort to make it through all 8 miles.

Yesterday, however- the sun was SHINING.  I wore SHORTS.  I ran by effort- looking to just shake my legs out, and push if I wanted to- but not caring if I ran 9 min/miles or 8 min/miles or ran a negative split or any of the other “things”.  I also ran in the mid-afternoon- which is “my time”-  I typically just feel READY between 2:30 and 3.


run 2

Things that make me happy about this run:

1. I had the sound off on my app, so I had NO IDEA what my pace was the entire time.  I ran by feel and LOVED that these paces felt really, really good.  And easy!

2. I maintained a very even effort over a long, gradual incline.  Boston is full of long, gradual inclines- so this is also a good thing!

3. I love running this route.  It is near my office, and has a lot of very quiet, pretty portions.  There was a lot to appreciate about it yesterday!

And after running and work….  we met great friends of ours for dinner- and I had my favorite from La Carretta- shrimp fajitas, double the veggies (no rice or beans for me)-  OM NOM.


(and at home proceeded to eat my weight in Cadbury mini-eggs).

Mini Cadbury White Chocolate Candy Eggs: 9-Ounce BagMini Cadbury White Chocolate Candy Eggs: 9-Ounce Bag

These new white eggs are glorious and terrible all at the same time.  I think they taste really similar to the normal (milk?) type…  and I had A LOT of them.

SO- a good run, a good night- hopefully this momentum stays with me for today’s planned 10+ run!!

What is your Wednesday run?

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  1. I never had a chance to comment yday but I’m so GLAD you had a wonderful run!:)

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