Mileage Re-Cap, and Inspiration

ahhh, now that we have all recovered from eating Cadbury Creme Egg ice cream and eating macaroni and cheese in front of the TV while watching Bravo… (Mike just got back from a mini business trip- so if anyone is wondering WHO IN THE WORLD ate all the mac and cheese-  that would be me.  I topped it off with kale though.  makes it better, right??)

So now that I have my confession aside, I did run a bit- though this is week 1 of taper, so each run was slightly less miles (though not less effort) than a full blown training week.

Sunday- XT- 60 minutes arc trainer
Monday- 8 miles, 8:34 pace
Tuesday- 6 miles, 8:13 pace (though most miles were closer to 8)
Wednesday- 10.37 miles, 1:30 mins, 8:35 avg w/8 pick ups
Thursday- 6 untimed miles- likely about 50 minutes
Friday- OFF
Saturday- planned -17 miles

Total: 47.37 miles

We all know that it is super tempting for me to run a few miles to get to a nice, even 50-  BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT OF TAPER.  oh, taper madness, how I love thee.

I would like to point everyone in back in the direction of Nicole, The Girl Who Ran Everywhere – she has posted several awesome inspirational videos, posts, etc in the last few days-  so if anyone wants to know where our drive comes from- or where her’s comes from- go visit her page!

And since I am in the mood to be TOTALLY random- I am very excited for my UCONN HUSKIES this weekend!  We are going into town for a game watch with fellow alums-  and those Gators (sorry Steph!) better watch out.  Uconnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn   Husssssssssssskiessss.  WOOF.

Now, on to bigger questions-  what am I going to make for dinner tonight?????

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3 Responses to Mileage Re-Cap, and Inspiration

  1. Looks like you had a good week of workouts. I must ask, where does one find cadbury egg ice cream? That sounds amazing!

    • kristina says:

      Thank you :) Ahh I made it a week ago or so! Look back a few weeks, I am updating my recipe archive tonight :)

  2. Xoxoxo!!! Great mileage and effort this week!!:) thanks for the love!:)

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