Don’t Shortchange yourself

I started writing this post much, much earlier today-  after unloading/reloading the dishwasher after yesterday’s party, after gathering dishes, plates, and cups from corners of the house, after reflecting with my husband about what a success everything was and how well things went in spite of the weather.

Before I sat down I took some dreary but sort of pretty photos of the snow…  and began thinking about the shoveling that would need to happen… and then the computer completely shut down to install updates.  *sigh*.  Hence no post until so late!DSCN2724 The driveway.  It’s a big square, and then a single lane to the road.  The square part is a real PIA to shovel.DSCN2721 DSCN2720 DSCN2719 Mike offered to dig my car out so that I could get to the gym (last night I really thought running outside would be an option, but after seeing the condition of the roads I thought better of it)- but instead, I got my boots on, found my gloves and headed out to help. You see- I actually really enjoy things like shoveling snow and doing yardwork-  steady, productive physical tasks can be comforting and rewarding- especially when you are working as a team. DSCN2725 DSCN2729The other half of my team thought my socks were pretty neat-  they kept me warm!

This is the part where I brag about how awesome our neighbors are.  Our neighbor George saw us physically shoveling the whole dang driveway and offered us his snowblower!  Lifesaver!  I still had to dig out the mailbox, porches, cars, and the perimeter of the driveway while Mike did his thing with the snow thrower- but we got it done.

And then came the part of the day where I began saying to myself “you don’t have to run 17 miles today, you’ve been shoveling, and yesterday was a big day“-  I began thinking maybe I should just skip. The excuses were rolling through my head like loose marbles “It’s late, my feet hurt, shoveling is already a workout”-  but then I remembered something my BFF Sarah said to me last night at the party-  I was complaining about the 17 that I probably needed to do on the dang TM- and she goes (I’m paraphrasing here) “it’s just two episodes of Grey’s-  which were awesome, and an episode of Top Chef.  Just do it”.    This is why my friends are awesome-  they are definitely NOT impressed/ don’t want or need to hear the complaints- so they give the best coaching advice-  follow the damn plan.

So I DID.  Sarah- I watched my Grey’s, but I traded out Top Chef for Scandal- and it was AWESOME.  I had heard a rumor that this past week’s Grey’s was good-  and boy did it deliver.  I think I was laughing and crying all by myself just slogging along.  I am SO MAD we have to wait!  Ugh.  I need Downton Abbey and Madmen and GoT to come baaack so that I can be rescued for some of this winter long running inside crappola.

The lesson here is to not let the excuses get the best of you.  Just do it.  If it was easy, then EVERYONE would train for races and run marathons.  This applies to all of the things you are avoiding and putting off- I promise you, following through with your plans is SO REWARDING.

You are capable of more than you think you are.  I have noticed lately that I am fully capable of running a bit faster, comfortably, for longer distances- but I have trouble committing because I get scared that I won’t finish the distance I need to get to.  Doubt and fear are very powerful forces to overcome- but today as I was happily cruising- I did up the speed a bit.  I felt more tired at the end of my run- but I decided not to let fear ruin my afternoon.  Finishing the last mile (which coordinated perfectly with Scandal!) I began to fully process that not only did I run the 17 miles I almost talked myself out of- I ran them strong and smart.

Thank you Sarah :)

Some pics my other BFF Kristen took of some of the food from last night:WP_20131214_17_21_38_Pro Roasted shrimp cocktail with homemade cocktail sauce (freshly grated horseradish, ketchup, lemon, and a touch of allspice)WP_20131214_17_21_47_Pro Roasted Brussels sprouts with black truffle creamWP_20131214_17_21_55_ProMeatball sliders!WP_20131214_17_22_12_Pro WP_20131214_17_22_03_ProAntipasti platter.

So I do have to admit something now-

I am FREAKING EXHAUSTED.  PJs are ON, some type of mac and cheese is going to happen for dinner, and I have eaten ten hundred piparkukas (Latvian spice cookies).

Happy Sunday!

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5 Responses to Don’t Shortchange yourself

  1. Emmeline says:

    That food looks SO good! You rock for just getting there and crushing those treadmill miles. I’ve never done a long run on a treadmill but we moved last year and based on what I’ve seen of the weather so far, I’m definitely going to spending at least a few Sunday runs indoors so I’ll have to follow your advice and leave some Scandal or Revenge to catch up on to make the time go by a little faster

    • kristina says:

      Thank you! I do not love running long on the TM but it is much safer than being out on the roads right now! Things are still really slick around here. The trashier and more dramatic the show, the better the run :)

  2. Charlotte says:

    Food looks magnificent! I would kill for the brussels sprouts. You guys are awesome! But I’ve said that before.
    Glad you had your good run, too!
    And, Kristen – photos are great!

  3. Linda Bourassa says:

    Love reading your blog. Today’s was just what I needed to dust off MY treadmill! I think you earned those cookies!

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