On being flexible

I have a hard {as an aside, when I first typed “hard” I actually typed “herd”….  hence the cow as the image.  LOL.}  time with flexibility sometimes- both physically (I am not the most compliant stretcher/foam roller out there)- and with plans and needing to change plans.

Due to yesterday’s surprise 8 inches (it was really only supposed to be 4!) during the evening commute- muscle pump was, of course, canceled.

My first reaction might have been closer to that of a 3 or 4 year old.  Seriously.  I wanted to have a temper tantrum.  I had been looking forward to really working hard all day- and then it was a no-go.

So after I cleared the first few inches of snow off of my car and headed toward the gym, I decided to swap today’s 9-11 for last night’s 6 & pump- but add some faster miles in.  The challenge- how many miles can I do during one episode of Sherlock Holmes (BBC version w/ Benedict Cumberbatch)-  specifically, the 3rd episode of season one?                                                 AHHH- how could they end it that way???  I almost ran more- my finger was sooo close to gliding over to the “play next episode” button.

By the way-  I was not the only one at the gym.  A few ‘mills down there was a dude sporting BAA colors who appeared to be jogging around 9.2 mph.  *sigh*.

I am happy to report that I got 11 miles!  I thought it might be 10.XX-  but when I hit 10 and I realized there was 7 more minutes of Sherlock….  well…  that speed button was furiously raised!

Miles 1-2 @ 7MPH (8:34 pace)
Miles 2-6 @ 8 MPH (7:30 pace)
Miles 6-10 @ 7 MPH
Mile 10-11 @ 8.4 MPH (7:10 pace)

This was another workout that was relatively easy.  I recall thinking at the end of the 8mph miles that I could definitely have held on far longer- so I think I need to revise my thoughts on what my “cruising” pace ought to be on a treadmill-  and to do this, I need to get OUTSIDE.  I have high, high hopes that maybe in the next few days I will be able to-  because I think that the high number of miles that I have been getting through on the treadmill are just that-  I am getting through them and not really enjoying any of it as much as I want to.

Which leads me to my guiding thought for today-  instead of just getting through the day and slogging about-  I am going to demonstrate flexibility – in all aspects, not just running- hopefully leading to a less pessimistic and less toddler-like reaction to changes in plans.  I may live and breathe planning-  but even the best laid plans may not work and I need to really keep in mind that the alternative is probably not all that bad.  In fact, it might be better. 

OH!  and if you didn’t see last night’s post-  I want your cookie recipes, people!  Please leave links in the comments to your favorites :)

And- how are you guys on the flexibility front?  Am I the only one who freaks out?

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4 Responses to On being flexible

  1. Kristen says:


    These! Every year I try to make something different, but these bake up so beautifully with a sweet, nutty, toasted flavor that I love.

  2. Emmeline says:

    Strangely workouts are the only thing I AM flexible about, if I have a dinner plan or movie in mind and it doesn’t happen for some reason, I throw a tantrum in my head and usually refuse to do any alternative plan. For workouts though, I’m so okay with switching one day’s plan for another because I got in the habit when I was battling injury and had to take advantage of good days and mitigate the bad ones.

    Side note: at first I thought your post was going to be about actual physical flexibility, of which I have zero. Can’t even touch my toes 😉

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