New Theme, New day

Yesterday was our annual friend holiday party- quite the day!  We brought the salmon, and cookies for the cookie swap!  YUM!

Before the party, I managed to fit in 13.45 miles- to bring this week’s full milage to 54.45 miles.  It was a fantastic run- finally, the weather has improved- and if I didn’t have a limited time frame I definitely could have fit in a few more miles.  I almost wish I took it to the even 14 to get 55 miles for the week- but- that would have required running past the house.  Meh.

My friends took some awesome photos from yesterday-  here are just a smattering:

The Ladies!

My earrings were HEAVY!

Also, I have a VERY large collection of brightly colored pants-  red is only the beginning.  I have purple and turquoise, too!

IMGP1896 IMGP1904 IMGP1911

Do you not just want to eat them all up?  My friends make beautiful children.  They all seemed to have a great time- and obviously, they loved presents (but who doesn’t. really.)

Next on the agenda is some running, house cleaning-  and homemade pasta making.  Get excited! I will be posting my method.

Have a great Sunday :)

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  1. Kristen says:

    This year was so much fun! Next year will be even better with older kiddos!

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