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The family dog, Ruth, who is an older pooch, is quite fashionable these days.  She has furs for the snow….

20131224_100433She has dresses for Christmas Eve!

20131224_154958So Yesterday I mentioned that my sisters played a trick on me… quite clever, really.  I didn’t think to take pictures of the earlier

20131225_102150 stages of their prank- but this is what Madeline (and Emily) did-

Madeline handed me a gift that was tagged “this present represents all of what I think of you”.  Hrmm.  OK.

So I open it- and it is literally all of the things that were below the sink in her old bedroom-  individually wrapped USED DEODORANT… Hairspray… an empty camera box, etc.

So I sit there thinking..  and I say “Thank you Madeline, how thoughtful.”  I’m not sure what to say.  She disappears, and comes back with a much larger bag.  I pull out the object- which is bag shaped and begin opening it- after 4 layers of different wrapping paper- I encounter the last layer- meticulously wrapped- including the handles- and I start laughing and crying so hard- because really- this is 20 minutes after the used deodorant and THEIR FACES were all like WE GOT YOU.  And I was totally gotten.  I mean, I don’t need anything- but Madeline had been discussing how she was keeping my gift and totally talking it up so I had gotten pretty psyched.  SHE IS SO GOOD AT PRANKS.  Because I ate it up. My face opening the deodorant must have been priceless.  Ahh.  Anyhow.  Enjoy these photos of me, being had.

Yes, Mom and I were in our running clothes, NOT our Christmas Jammies- we made everyone wait while we were on our running adventure.  Did you know it was 11 degrees in Connecticut on Christmas morning?  That’s why me and the dog are sitting directly in front of the wood stove.  I need a toasty bottom.  And I wore 3/4 length pants out running like a really smart person, so my ankles felt like they had detached from my body.  Whoops.


(Do you love my 7 chins and no make up?  Also- I love the socks I am wearing- performance running socks from Target!)

Notice the wrapped handles?  I mean that really takes it over the edge.  Even the zipper was wrapped.

She inside was a beauteous Kate Spade-  so in the words of Madeline-  “DID YOU THINK I WAS JUST GOING TO HAND YOU A DESIGNER BAG????  YOU NEED TO WORK FOR IT”.  hahaha.  yep.  I worked for it.  :)

Later in the day we all went to Mike’s Parent’s house-  this is my lovely sister-in-law, Laura with her doggy Shadow-  he is also fashionably dressed, courtesy of Ruth!20131225_160549

We had a delicious crown roast of pork, and tons of veggie side dishes (honestly, a pretty healthy dinner- mostly grain-free, and all yummy!)


My brother Tim was so full he had to take a nap.

20131225_164841                          My father-in-law with the roast-  so yummy!

20131226_134208And then when it was all over, on the 26th- there was a dusting of snow- but the sun kept coming out-  so the snow would melt.  Well- because of the angle of the sun, it left stripes where the shade from the tree trunks kept the snow from melting.  Cool, right?

Have you ever been pranked during a gift exchange?  Aren’t Christmas morning photos awkward?  I feel like I should go put on make-up and shower…  but then it wouldn’t be the same.



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