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ew running shirt from my friend Georgia!  (also known as Sarah…  or GA) (also, I don’t run in makeup or “done” hair- so this is my Sunday best)- the T got a debut over a couple of my other favorite running tops- a J. Crew Tissue Turtle neck (get it here – on SALE- I buy them when they get down to on sale + 40% off), and a Gap Fit long sleeve from a few seasons ago (similar) and Gap Fit capris (similar).  No sponsorship here- just plain old letting you know what works.  I like the Gap long t because it has thumb holes and because it stays in place- I hate it when clothing rides up!  Or down- as in the case of many pants-  when you want to avoid muffin top you end up with something that ends up actually too big to run in.  The Gap Capris are snug and stay put- so they are winners!  For lounging/muscle/yoga, there are some cheaper pairs at Tar-jay that work well.  Take a look here.  (I might have 3 pairs of these).

It’s been a little while since I have checked in regarding workouts-  time for a quick review and to post some plans.. Last we chatted about running, I had left my long run for 12/21 up in the air, and hadn’t coughed up any plans for Christmas week.  I did let you all know about some of the runs- but here’s some more detail (I only post pace if I ran on the TM or wore my garmin-  I make a point not to wear a timing device a few times a week and just run by feel- especially on recovery runs)-

Saturday 12/22- 13.45 miles, 8:37 pace. Had some odd pains in my right foot. These miles count in the previous week!
Sunday 12/23- 6.2 miles, more pain.  womp. Had tons of energy though.  Got home in 51 minutes.  You do the math.
Monday- OFF
Tuesday 12/24- 10.2 miles w/mom.  Had intermittent pain- no pain after the run.  Seems localized to the top/outside of the foot.
Wednesday 12/25- 6 mile Christmas run with Mom- some pain in the middle-end, seemed to resolve. No pain after the run.
Thursday 12/26- 6 very hilly miles (umm, when you run a road aptly named “summit”…)- slow- 8:40ish pace.  Foot discomfort, but nothing super painful.  None initially, seemed to come and go.
Friday 12/27- 60 min arc trainer, attacked the beast.  No pain.
Saturday 12/28- 16 miles, 8:24 pace.  Discomfort miles 1-4, NO pain after that.  Treadmill because I was nervous and wanted to be able to hop off at a moment’s notice (also, lots of tummy troubles).  PS- the movie Clear and Present Danger is EXACTLY 16 miles long.  fun fact.

Total Miles- (Sun-Sat): 44.4 miles.  I am nervous about the foot, but have a follow up with my orthopedist this week and I am going to bring it up.  Of course, I have been pressing it all over, hopping, etc-  it is probably a tendonitis of some type (I hope)?I honestly think the foot issue is from not properly breaking in the Newtons- I feel like the lugs may in some way have caused something to be funny.

This Week/Plans-
Sunday- 6 miles, intermittent discomfort in the foot, overall my body felt totally sore and my chest was feeling phlegmy. Developed a cough later in the day.  Fun.
Monday- 60 minutes arc trainer, trying to sweat the monster out.  Felt fine, foot has NO PAIN at all during an aggressive arc trainer workout.
Tuesday- 8 mile progression (TM, so I can hop off it it sucks).
Wednesday- mid-week mid-long run-  11-12 miles
Thursday- 7
Friday- XT
Saturday- 18 miles
Projected total- 51 miles.

For the marathon, I am loosely following a combination of Pfitzinger and the BAA’s published plans- but I also know that I need 1-2 XT or OFF days to be healthy.

Next week shall be interesting-  we will be on a big boat in the ocean- so I will be doing a bunch of treadmill/  1/10 mile track workouts.  I probably will not be able to run on the islands- so if my foot is still being weird, I will take it as a sign and take advantage of all of the crazy classes the ship offers.

*disclaimer- last time I was on a boat I logged 55 miles.  yup.

Do you work out on vacation?  How have the runners out there dealt with cruises?


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