For some contrast-

Today my training “plan” calls for 20 miles.  I should have been out hours ago- but mother nature decided that instead of the predicted rain it would spit snow- and continue to snow- throughout this morning.  Plows are out and the shoulder is narrow- which means not a lot of room for me to be out.DSCN3268DSCN3269 DSCN3270Don’t be fooled by the road that looks wet-  I tested it out, and it is SLICK this morning.

Treadmill it is!  I thought I was done with the ‘mill- but apparently not yet.  At least I have MANY MANY hours of TV to catch up on.

A few more shots from last week-DSCN3103 St. Lucia!DSCN3125
St. LUCIA!!!DSCN3159And a more of my new favorite place- South Friar’s Beach in St. Kitts.

and finally- GO PATRIOTS!

Who else is watching the game today?  Anyone else’s training/workouts/plans derailed by the weather?


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