and a WIN for UCONN!

10 years ago my friends and I were in Gampel Pavilion rooting on the Huskies-  2004- the year both the men’s and women’s teams took the national titles.

10 years ago after the game we whooped and hollered (but for the most part just made it back to our dorms, it was  a school night!)- and I got down to business studying for an organic chem test.

10 years later Mike and I watched the game at our friend Jenna (a fellow UCONN alum and one of my sorority sisters) and Brian’s house- and had a lovely roast chicken dinner with matching Italian wines, followed by cobbler at half time!


Congratulations UCONN!

I promise tomorrow we will discuss things fast, and foody, marathon-y (13 days!) and fun!  AFTER I get some sleep!!  :)

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4 Responses to and a WIN for UCONN!

  1. Awesome!! :) I love your school spirit!!:)

  2. Congrats :) I remember watching that 04 win in the dorms myself, only I didn’t have any attachment to the winners!

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