A year ago today

A year ago today I was in Hopkinton at the Athlete’s village, wandering around killing time…  waiting to start my first Boston marathon worrying mostly about myself, my injury.

I was given a gift of 26.1 magical miles- slow miles, but appreciative miles- miles that made me feel alive, miles that showed me just what the Boston Marathon meant.

In the last .1 miles I was shown the ugliness of what terror means.  I felt what terror means.  We, those who witnessed the bombings up close, saw exactly what raw horror looks like.

Today I feel appreciative that everyone in my immediate life is safe.

Today I am grateful that Mike was on the T, and not waiting for me at the finish line for the marathon.

Today, with all of the media coverage and reflections- please take a moment to reflect on how lucky we all are to have our friends and family with us, alive and well.  Because there are a lot of people in the Boston community and beyond who do have friends and family that were significantly affected by the events at last year’s marathon.

When I reflect on last year and realize how close I was to not only being horrifically hurt or worse yet killed- how Mike could have been killed or maimed- know that each day is a gift.

I remember parts of last year’s marathon on a daily basis.  Those sites, smells, sounds are burned on my brain forever.  I will never forget walking back past the 26 mile marker, worrying if another bomb was going to go off, this time at my feet.  I will never forget when a family rushed out of the prudential center asking if people were hurt and telling them definitely. knowing in my heart of hearts that people were certainly dead.  

Hug your friends today.  Tell people you love them.

In 6 days, we run again.

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4 Responses to A year ago today

  1. Good luck! I’ll be cheering at the finish line! Hoping to one day run it myself. #bostonstrong

  2. ❤️ Beautiful. Xoxo. You are going to kill it this year, for sure!

  3. I thought about you this morning when I was watching last year’s footage. Reading this gave me chills again. I couldn’t imagine being as close to all the damage as you were, but glad you have stayed strong!

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