What’s next?

This week has been about reflection- and also about looking forward.  What am I aiming for in the coming months?  What PRs am I chasing down?  What races?

I don’t have all of the answers right now-  however- I do know that I have a few runs that I am eagerly anticipating- not necessarily because I am going to race them, but because they are my super-duper favorite :)

Next weekend my Mom and I are running the Redding Run for the Cows – it will be her first formal half marathon (though she and I have run the distance- and further! many times before)- and for me it will be my first time back on the course since my DNF in 2012.  We plan on running it 100% together, and enjoying it.  We may not wear timing devices- and we won’t be winning the race- but we are going to kick some major butt!Source: www.reddingroadrace.com

May 18th is Evan’s Run – a fabulous race for a fabulous cause.  This race benefits autism, features a scenic course, and has a great after-party!  They have a 5 and 10k-  we are running the 10k this year.  I am hoping to be able to race this one- no goal yet- but I will be giving it 100%.   Every year that we have run (and I think we have run it the past 4 years?) we always say that it is our absolute favorite


May 24th is the Maine Craft Brew Festival 5k – I have never run this race before, but we are doing it with great friends and it ends at a brew festival!  How could that be bad?  I am not sure what my goal will be for this race- I will base that on the outcome from Evan’s Run.

For now- that is all that I have registered for- I am still looking at schedules and dates to figure out what will be coming down the pike for June and July!

HOWEVER-  I cam across THIS on coolrunning.com!



What are your spring plans??


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