Random Tuesday- Mostly Puppy Pics :)

Life has been busy lately- and included a quick trip down to CT this weekend for a visit with my Mom- and it was our puppy Isaac’s first big car trip!  He did really well- he slept the entire way down- no crying, whining or other silliness.

When we got there, Mom had bought him a stuffed goose (with a squeaker, of course)- and he and my mom’s dog, Ruth (she’s a Westy, and is 13 years old!!) decided to murder the goose ASAP and play tug.  It was adorable.IMG_20140426_180459_520 IMG_20140426_182858_239


Of course every shot is blurry, because no puppy and his new best friend will stay posed for very long!

Mom and I also went on a long-ish run around town- I took some tourist photos along the way:IMG_20140427_090930_073 IMG_20140427_094657_954 IMG_20140427_094717_022 IMG_20140427_095425_024

For whatever reason, though- I have developed a knot on the bottom of my left foot, sort of near-ish to the ball of my foot (but not ON the ball of my foot, more towards the arch)- and the entire run it felt like I had a marble stuck in my shoe- and unfortunately I ended up walking the last mile home.  Overall, it was 10 miles though (including my walk).

Later, we went to go harvest some ramps.  IMG_20140427_125205_607

JUST LOOK at all of those edible garlic yummies!  I grabbed a bag full, but since I will be back for the 1/2 marathon this weekend, I mostly left them alone.

When I got home I used my ramps for a slapped together pizza (I already had the flatbread cooked off, and literally used string cheese for the mozzarella portion- quite slackery, if you ask me)- roasted cherry tomatoes, pepperoni, string cheese, some ricotta, pecorino romano, and RAMPS!IMG_20140427_193524_267


And from yesterday-  apparently Isaac’s new best friend is a Rottweiler!


Have a great Tuesday everyone!  What did you guys do over the weekend?  Anyone else already looking forward to the weekend even though it is only Tuesday???

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