Run Report- What’s been going on Since Boston

So, I have been doing some running :p

Let’s rewind to last week-

Sunday (Easter)- OFF
Monday- BOSTON MARATHON- 26.2 (garmin had me at 26.5- Obviously I ran poor tangents)
Tuesday- OFF
Wednesday- 60 minutes arc trainer, light resistance
Thursday- OFF, 90 Minute massage :)
Friday- 60 minutes Arc trainer- regular routine (Cardio setting, level 10)
Saturday- 8.2 miles with Nicole, 9 min avg pace
Total Miles Run- 34.7, + 2 hours XT

This week-
Sunday- 10 (total miles) w/Mom-  Pain in foot (knot)- walked last mile.  10 min/mile avg pace.
Monday- OFF
Tuesday- 60 minutes arc Trainer- Cardio, level 10
Wednesday- 10 miles w/ Nicole; 8:55 avg pace
Thursday- 13 miles w/Nicole; 8:26(?) Avg pace- at least for 11 miles- my phone and therefore my app that I was using died.  Felt awesome for 8 miles, then tummy trouble for the rest of the run.
Friday- OFF, unless I change my mind :)
Saturday- 6-8 (proj)
Total Miles- 41-ish

Nicole, #BEASTMODE charging up our biggest hill. Yes, we chose this! Happy Birthday!

How am I feeling?  I was really dragging at the end of me and Nicole’s Thursday run- her BIRTHDAY run- and instead of the 15 she wanted I bagged out a bit early.  In some ways I am suprised at how fast I am recovering from Boston- but at other times I am feeling DEAD tired.  I have also been battling a really bothersome (and earlier in the week, worrisome) stomach “thing”-  I *think* that I ate a cold salad that was a litttttle too aged last Saturday and it left me completely and totally wretchedly ill all Sunday into Monday- and without going into detail, I was TIRED.  In ways, I am not surprised that I still had tummy issues on Thursday since I haven’t felt totally normal yet.

What has been great:  I literally have not run alone in a week.  Between my Mom and Nicole, we have done all of (my) running in teams!  I NEVER would have gotten up at 4:40 on Wednesday morning to run…  let alone run 10 miles on my own- yet when there is someone that you know will be waiting for you- YOU GET UP.  Miracles.  We are looking forward to lots of sunrises…  we know we will have to make due with a few sunsets since no schedule is perfect- but Nicole and I get the birds and frogs, lavender sky, and dewy 5 AM grass and we are NOT sad about it.IMG_20140418_062740_882

Upcoming: This Sunday, Mom and I are running the Redding Race for the Cows!  It’s a half marathon- and I am SO psyched to be running in the town that I grew up in.  I am not “racing”, per se- we are in it for the enjoyment.

Also upcoming- the return of SPEEDWORK!  WOOO HOO.  Not.  YAY.  Not.  I love/hate speedwork- LOVE it when it is done.  HATE how much it can hurt/suck.  But- I want to be faster. And that takes work!

Soooo, happy Friday-  happy Weekend, happy Running, and happy eating!

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