Let’s Catch Up :)


First of all, I apologize for the sporadic posting!  Life has been BUSY!!!!!

A recap of spring eats:

Yottam Ottolengi’s carrot salad on Friday night. We ate on our back steps.  Amazing.IMG_20140502_174921_758


No photos from Saturday, unfortunately.  I did, however, run 7.5 miles and did something that I NEVER DO-  I decided to change up my regular route because it was nice out and I felt good- so the 6 miler that I started with turned out just a touch longer.  I am still not naturally running super fast again- but I am not worried about it one bit.

As you may recall, Sunday my Mom and I ran the Run for the Cows Half Marathon in my hometown of Redding, CT.  A full recap with more pictures is in progress- but here are a few shots from the morning:

IMG_20140504_070217_855Before!IMG_20140504_085558_142 During!IMG_20140504_093248_929Excellent encouragement!



And after :)

This race featured some of the best swag I have ever received from a race-  get excited for the recap!


MORE ramp harvesting!20140504_140206

And later on, Isaac met Shadow for the first time.  20140504_180814

They enjoyed their walk very much :)

Goals for this week:

1. SHARE SOME DANG RECIPES.  I have been cooking.  Just not taking pictures!

2. Take a muscle pump class (or 2!).  I hope to achieve this today.

3. Eat less sugar.  Period.


What are your goals for the week?

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