Mileage Re-Cap: TAPER TIME!

Taper time has fully arrived!  *sigh*.

What is taper?  For the uninitiated, it is a cut back in mileage for a period of time preceding a race.  The intention is to rest a bit so your legs are fresh and “springy” come race morning.  Tapering worked really well for Disney 2012- so I am taking my taper seriously!

Taper does not mean putzing through your runs though- just making each run shorter.  It also means extra rest days!

With that in mind-  here’s the rundown:

Last weeks LR:

Saturday: 17 miles, 8:23 avg pace
Sunday: XT:  5 mile WALK (fast) with the dog! (yes, a serious walk really is cross training.  I learned that from my bible, Advanced Marathoning)
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: 7.4 miles, 1 hour total time (didn’t wear a watch)
Wednesday: 2x2x3x1:  2@8:48, 2@ 8:13, 3 @ 7:30, 1 @ 8:48= 8 miles total (my favorite TM workout!!!)
Thursday- 7 miles with Nicole!  She did a great recap of our morning run.  I sent her our details- so check it out over there!
Friday- TBD.  Probably off.  I have a big afternoon- more on that soon!

Saturday- LAST DOUBLE DIGIT RUN BEFORE BOSTON!  13 (planned) miles.

Next week?  LOTS of sleep, some running, a dress rehearsal- and hopefully making very nutritious choices!

10 days to go before the big day….

Later today:  Mike says he is going to do a Guy Day Friday Post-  Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Mileage Re-Cap: TAPER TIME!

  1. Love this post! I have to do my liebster questions!!! I think you motivate me to take my taper seriously…you are truly a great taper-er!:)

  2. Tapering sucks! I am so bad at resting.

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