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Celebrating my 29th at Morimoto in Philly
Celebrating my 29th at Morimoto in Philly

Who am I?  How do I dare call myself fast?  foodiest? HA.  I am sometimes fast. Relatively (and locally) speaking. I am always hungry (not debatable).  I prefer to eat delicious things (but that can include copious amounts of sugar, and I am not opposed to a snappy hot dog)- and I also prefer when I am not injured and can run fast.

People call me Kristina (not Kris, Kristy, or Tina…  but sometimes just K)-  and what you are reading is dedicated to two of my favorite things:  running and food.  I am always planning my next dinner party (sometimes to my husband’s chagrin) or holiday dinner and am constantly tweaking and developing new recipes while running (the brain has to do something when not concentrating on mile splits and turnover!).

When I can’t run I get depressed and go on donut-making sprees and major sugar binges.

When I am running I am always thinking about my next meal.

Most dinner parties are planned during my long-long runs.

I’ve been described as a bit crazy, but in a good way.  I have a husband that I love very, very much (his name is Mike, and he may pop up here and there    and he has a guest post every Friday), three cats that I love snuggling (you will see them, too- one of them especially likes frosting, another ice cream- and the third- well he took an entire pancake once.  le sigh).

Our newest addition:

Isaac Newton’s first night at home!
Isaac and Mike running around in the yard!

Sometimes I run really fast and I win things.  My best prize was a turkey.  I made it into homemade hot Italian turkey sausage.  That’s how I roll.

I won my age group and a Turkey!
I won my age group and a Turkey!

I  post recipes and stories and advice for how I make my biggest parties work.  I am going to take you back in time and tell you about some coolest things that have happened-  Like the time I was on TV and won a date with Mario Batali.  Or when Mike and I celebrated our 10 year dating anniversary with a 10 course plated dinner party.

Yeah, that time I was on the Chew.
Yeah, that time I was on the Chew.

I am going to write about hard days.  If I get a PR you are all going to know about it.

This page, this blog, etc will be constantly under construction.  I apologize for any grammatical errors, spelling errors, etc.  I’m human!

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