Running Re-Cap

Running this week has felt crunchy in my bones- but with each run it has gotten better.

Friday 1/31-     OFF
Saturday 2/1-  7mi; 5@ 8:20ish, 2 @7:47
Sunday 2/2-     5 miles- 2 mile w/u; 5k RACE (6:50 avg pace)
Monday 2/3 –  OFF (Isaac Newton!)
Tuesday 2/4-  8@ 8:20 pace
Wednesday 2/5-    13 @ 8:34 pace
Thursday 2/6-     7 @ 8:34 pace
Friday 2/7 – TBD-  arc trainer?  20-20-20?  I have exactly one hour between work and going to the MOS to teach to fit something in.
Saturday 2/8 –    17-19 miles

Total- at least 50 mi

No muscle pump this week because of scheduling- with Isaac I have been a little more limited as far as gym time  goes (for now, mostly because of his training!  Next week I am going to work on fitting it in better)

An idea for your easy Friday- NACHOS. (not a real recipe- just some inspiration for a super decadent use-all-the-leftovers dinner)

Step One:  Locate leftover porchetta (or any yummy meat hanging around in your fridge/freezer) and re-fry until crispy in it’s own fat.  If it isn’t pork, I suggest re-frying in bacon fat.  Now it is traditional carnitas!


If you are like me, you have a stash of canned beans- and probably half of an onion and some garlic lying around.  I decided to make a sort of re-fried bean thing-  it started with onions and garlic, and a jalapeno…  beans were added…. RUM was added… ancho chili powder was added… and a little allspice.  Jamaican beans?  No matter- THEY WERE AMAZING.DSCN3410 DSCN3411

I just sort of mashed them up with my spoon.  Some whole beans, some creamed.  Beans, crispy pork, and some canned jalapenos were baked up with a healthy amount of jack cheese.

I also made a tomatillo salsa- I need to make it again and take notes- but the gist was: 1 can tomatillos, juices drained, 1/4 white onion, 1 jalapeno with seeds, loads of cilantro, lime juice, salt and honey- processed until more like a hot sauce than a chunky salsa.  We won the heat lottery with the jalapeno- it was HOT.  I loved it.DSCN3412 DSCN3413Alas, we did not finish the whole pan of nachos.

Make something like this tonight.  It has been a long week.  You want something cheesy and crispy…  something made from the things you already have in the pantry (cheap!  easy!), something you can eat right off of the pan you made it on, sitting at the couch, catching up on a weeks worth of TV in a night- “letting” your husband get the “best” chip (as you can see, there were a lot of “best chips”…  maybe also pinterest-ing and catching up on home design blogs (wait- is that just me?  Or are we all like this??).

What is your Friday easy-dinner?  Or do you go out?  My dinner is going to be laaaate because I am teaching tonight.  It will probably resemble the nachos- or involve mac (and cheese)…  or popcorn with hot sauce (listen- you can’t always be classy).


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