Picture Tuesday

Isaac is looking dignified (or is staring at a cat. You decide)

At least one day a week now I will be posting mostly photos- and many taken from Me and Mike’s phones- just to show some bits and pieces of life.  I may add to the post later tonight :)

Supplies for my workshop at the MOS Friday night- what good cub scout night doesn’t need a leaf blower???
Saturday morning- the dog gets up early. We went to bed late because I taught. Now we all nap on the kitchen floor.
Shopping on Saturday- I noticed this gem. I am not into people getting cookbooks just because they are famous. Or someone important’s wife. Politics aside, this rubbed me the wrong way.
This also rubbed me the wrong way. I LOVE kale. But I got confused. We all know kale is good for you- but in a Fifty Shades way? It is going to dominate me? hmmmm.
More Isaac because it can’t be helped. He loves romping in the snow!
This was a week ago- he is already bigger!


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2 Responses to Picture Tuesday

  1. I totally agree with you with both the “famous people” cookbook and the confusion over 50 shades of kale…wait..is the kale GREY?? Jk, jk..
    Please do not ever stop posting pics of Isaac, every time I see one I say to my husband “AWWWW….now can we PLEASE get a puppy??!” (Nothing has worked yet. Please help be my savior!!)

  2. Charlotte says:

    I agree about both books! And I have to say, I am pretty amused at the picture of sleeping man with dog.

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