Cadbury Creme and Mini Egg Ice Cream

Because we are going there.

DSCN4210Vanilla ice cream shamelessly studded with Cadbury Mini Eggs, swirled with Creme Eggs, and topped with a caramel egg.

Sweeeeeet.  Delicious.  DECADENT.  Perfect for Easter!

To explain this explosion of awesome- I need to explain a concept that we have in our house.DSCN3556 The above mini fridge (located in our finished attic)- is known as the “sin” fridge.  Right now it contains chocolate…  and a very hard to find beer.  See why it is called the sin fridge?  It contains things best consumed in moderation.  And if you have to climb two flights of stairs to get to it- well- then you must REALLY deserve something yummy!DSCN3563

So to really DO IT UP- get a beer for yourself, one for your husband- and STUFF YOUR POCKETS WITH CHOCOLATE.  Wear something with pockets to the sin fridge, so you can stock up :)

DSCN3560The eggs in “hiding”.

Anyhow, now that we have the chocolate (and some libations)- on to the ice cream!

DSCN3565 DSCN3566The above is a shot of my vanilla sugar.  Spent vanilla bean pods head into some sugar and that = LOTS of flavor!

DSCN3570 DSCN3572Begin the custard by whisking the egg yolks and sugar together; meanwhile gently heat the milk/cream mixture to a simmer.  (the milk and cream also have some vanilla pods in them to infuse the cream!)

When the cream is hot, temper the eggs by adding a small amount of cream to the eggs; whisk; then stream in the rest of the cream while whisking constantly.DSCN3574 Return the egg/cream mixture (swiftly on its way to becoming a custard!) to the pot, and cook over medium heat whisking constantly until the custard becomes very thick and coats the back of a spoon AND/OR an instant read thermometer reads about 176 degrees.DSCN3581DSCN3582

Pour the custard through a fine mesh strainer.  Chill the base for several hours, and even better- overnight.DSCN3585

If you need to fast-track- you can set the bowl into an ice bath, and stirring every so often- get the mix chilled pretty quickly.

HOWEVER, I actually think that it tastes better if it gets refrigerated overnight.  The flavors blend and mature (almost like a cheese)- and I think that the texture is even better.

At some point in this process- you need to get your candy all chopped up  :)DSCN3602

I put the mini eggs into a zip-top bag and crushed them with my wine chiller.  (because it was there, heavy, and would get the job done).

When the ice cream base is thoroughly chilled, add it to your ice cream maker following the manufacturer’s instructions.  Add the candy when the ice cream is about 3/4 of the way done.

What about the creme eggs, you say????  Getting to that. :) DSCN3601

To swirl them into the ice cream, we added cut-up eggs in layers throughout the ice cream.  Basically, as we added the base+ candy, more candy got swirled in- this kept the creme bits together.

Cadbury Creme and Mini Egg Ice Cream
Recipe type: Dessert
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6
Allow 2 days for this ice cream so that all of the components have enough time to chill. Active time is about 30 minutes the first day; following that you are just chillin'
  • 6 Egg yolks
  • ¾ cup vanilla infused sugar (or add vanilla to custard, 1 tsp.)
  • 2 cups milk (for the best texture, use whole)
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1-2 spent vanilla pods, or 1 vanilla pod and scrape in seeds
  • 1 cup crushed Mini Eggs
  • 6 Cadbury Creme Eggs
  1. Whisk the eggs and vanilla sugar together in a large bowl until creamy and the mixture lightens in texture (forming ribbons as you whisk).
  2. Meanwhile, heat milk, cream, and vanilla pods in a pot on the stove (medium heat).
  3. Allow the milk/cream to come to a simmer.
  4. Temper the egg mixture with a little hot cream/milk; then carefully stream the cream into the eggs whisking constantly.
  5. Transfer the custard back to the pot; cook over medium heat stirring constantly until the mixture thickens significantly, coating the back of a spoon. An instant read thermometer will read 176 degrees.
  6. Strain the custard into a bowl and chill overnight. (the process can be hurried by placing the bowl into a large ice bath and stirring until very, very cold).
  7. Following the manufacturer's instructions, churn the ice cream in your machine.
  8. When the ice cream is about ¾ of the way done, add the crushed mini eggs.
  9. Just before the ice cream is done, cut up the Creme eggs.
  10. Scoop the ice cream from the maker into the container that you are going to store it in; while transferring, add the creme eggs throughout the ice cream. Do not stir too much so that the gooey creme stays mostly together.
  11. Freeze 4-6 hours before eating. Serve with additional Cadbury eggs!

DSCN4208 DSCN4210







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9 Responses to Cadbury Creme and Mini Egg Ice Cream

  1. Oh dear lord..I just gained 10lbs reading this! WOW. That looks incredible!!

  2. this could be the very best thing I have seen in a long time. I would pay any asking price to have this made for me. But I just might have to make this happen.

    • kristina says:

      I feel like you could soften your favorite flavor of yogurt or vanilla ice cream and “trash it up” to create something similar- but I LOVE the way the creme eggs froze/swirled in! DO IT!

  3. Charlotte says:

    OH – MY – GOD!!!!

    • kristina says:

      Yeah. No excuses. Born out of running A LOT. You have to take FULL caloric advantage of 20 miler days!!!!

  4. I just died and went to heaven. Cadbury Creme Eggs are my all time favorite candy. I got really excited when I saw they made new “screme” eggs for Halloween!

    • kristina says:

      Oh goodness, we did too. I am a massive sucker for all of the Easter chocolate… and PEEPS. The only rival is candy corn. I fully understand how GROSS I am!!!

  5. Laura Bianco says:

    Oh my God, you are a genius.

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