Liebster Award!

Leigh Anne at Live Fit and Run nominated me for  Liebster Award this week!  I think it is awesome- and pulled from her blog- here’s the deal:

The Liebster Award is awarded to bloggers, by other bloggers with the intention of connecting the community and bringing new visitors to blogs with fewer followers OR to a blog you love!

So basically- we are spreading the love.  The rules are that I will answer the 10 questions that Leigh Anne gave us (the 10 blogs she nominated)- then I will nominate a bunch of blogs and ask them questions!  The bloggers that I nominate have to link back here- hence spreading the love!

1.  What is your favorite race you have ever run?

This is a tough question to answer.  I have several favorites for different reasons!  All of my outright wins are in my top 10  (there is no better feeling than being first overall)- but NONE of them have been PR’s.  The Disney Marathon was very special, being my BQ and my first marathon- however if pressed I would say the Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon in 2012-  I ran my PR and it felt amazing.  I’ve been chasing it since!  It goes without saying that running in Boston last year was an incredible experience, unfortunately marred by tragedy-and in my own case- due to being injured, not the race I wanted to run.

2.  What is your favorite workout?

I don’t necessarily consider my runs workouts, even though they are.  Treadmill runs are always considered workouts, since I tend to play around with speed on them-  for example:

  • 2 miles@ easy, 2 miles @ medium, 3 miles@ 1/2 marathon pace, 1 mile cooldown for an 8 miler that goes fast!
  • when I am not running high mileage, a fast 6 miles on the treadmill followed by an hour of muscle pump.  KILLER.

My favorite distances to run OUTSIDE are 6,7,10, 15, and 17 milers.  On the treadmill my favorite is 8; if I have to go longer on it I like 12 and 18!  (weird, and for no reason).

3.  How do you hope to aspire others in their fitness journey?

I want everyone to know that running is totally approachable.  I haven’t discussed my weight loss journey much on here (yet)- but getting into running was a catalyst for me going from a lazy chick weighing nearly 180 pounds to winning road races and completing a marathon(s).   I can still be lazy, but I have never felt more energized, accomplished, and inspired by a SPORT before in my life!  It has also become a major stress reliever.

4.  What is your favorite healthy food?

All of the food.  Kale.  Salad.  All fruit.  Seriously.  Not much healthy food I don’t like.

5.  What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Wine.  Chocolate/Ice Cream/Desserts.  CAKE with real FROSTING. A basket of amazing onion rings.  When on vacation I will try nearly every onion ring available, and rate them.  I’m serious. 20140322_200216
6.  Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Why can’t I answer anything simply???  I have a few places I love to return to :) So, in no particular order:

Stowe, VT-

Mackinac Island- I have been coming here since I was a baby- I was last there in 2011 with my mom and sister and I miss it terribly.076 090028I also have a special place in my heart for the Outerbanks, Williamsburg, VA, Key West, FL, and The Atlantis, Bahamas!  I love trips with Mike, I love trips with friends, and I love trips with family.

I <3 trips.

7.  What fitness professional inspires you the most?

ALL of the elite USA women runners that are competing at the world level!  They have kids, families AND train at elite levels!  Incredibly inspirational.

8.  What was your favorite childhood activity?

My mom could probably answer this better… but anything involving cooking/baking or project- like would be my winter activities- but in the summer we were at the local pond swimming our butts off and diving off of the dock all day long (avoiding the snapping turtle as best we could).  I miss those days!

9.  Why do you blog?

I blog to share.  I blog to have a space to spread the love and my ideas.  To meet people and be a part of a community.

10. Do you have any siblings?

YES!  I am the oldest of 5 kids.  DSCN1869

Me, my brother Tim (closest to me), my brother Nick (next to him), the youngest- Emily Rose (in front) and Madeline (on the end).  In age order- Me, then Nick, Tim, Madeline, and Emily.  We are now in 4 states in 3 parts of the country (MA, CT, VA, and MO).  It takes a wedding to get a picture like this, unfortunately.

Now- on to my nominations!

Questions for you:

1.  Where do you draw inspiration from?

2. Stolen from Leigh Anne- you favorite vacation spot?

3. Food you will never, ever try?

4. Food that you haven’t tried, but are totally desperate to try?

5. Most memorable “foodie” moment/ most memorable meal?

6. Have you climbed/hiked a mountain?  Where?

7. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

8.  A goal of yours that makes you shake in your boots, just a little?

9.  Place you would move to if given the ideal opportunity?

10. Celebrity that makes you cringe?

And GO!  I can’t wait to hear your responses :)


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6 Responses to Liebster Award!

  1. Thanks for answering the questions! Love your blog!

  2. Val says:

    Yay! I just finished answering the questions today – this was a fun exercise!

  3. Love this! Can’t wait to do mine. :)

  4. I would have a hard time picking just one answer to some of those questions too! I had no idea you had so many siblings though so it’s always fun to learn that kind of stuff :) love your questions, I’ll get my answers ready! I’m crazy excited to answer the foodie ones.

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