Black Friday?

Today we did many things-

Including learn how the term “Black Friday” came into use.  Maybe you did, too?  It was on NPR today during Robin Young’s Here and Now-  listen to it, here.   Scroll down through the various segments from today’s show and I promise you that learning will happen.

Also, Mom and I ran 10 miles today.  We both said that we could have gone further… but… we needed potty breaks (and by potty I mean popping a squat in the woods) and potty breaks in the cold make you sweat and then when you sweat you actually get cold…  and- It was pretty cold.  We started and ended our run in the 20’s-  with wind in our faces when we were heading north/west.

We had a great time.  We fantasized about the modifications I could make to my house to make it a forever house, moaned and groaned about how no one in this town will vote to improve our school system (mostly I moaned and groaned- my hometown public school is ridiculously good compared to my current town’s 10th from the bottom status)- which makes me not want to stay here forever…  discussed private vs public school (I am a big believer in  public school- I do NOT want to be double paying for education- those that don’t vote for schools yet send their kids to private-  well, that is a RANT in the making for me)…

But I digress.  We don’t need to be too political/moaning about town politics in this space, now do we?

Also, we shopped today.  We always do black Friday.  We always do it at the crack of 2PM, and the Burlington Mall (relatively luxury-ish mall in the area)- where most of the stores do absolutely nothing for black Friday so you can actually SHOP and BREATHE.  We’re not there to fight over a TV or knock someone out to get a pair of shoes- we are there to hang out, shop for ourselves, and see what is being offered for Christmas this year.

We were all uninspired by what we saw.  I bought 2 pairs of shoes for myself, both of which I had been eyeing for some time already- and took advantage of slightly reduced prices.  I bought these and these.  Yup, two pairs of black boots in one day.  What you can’t see from the Steve Madden listing easily is the super-cute gold zipper-  totally sold me.  Also, both pairs are comfortable and were purchased for completely different outfits.  Girl logic.  At all of the other places (and we marched all over that mall)- we left pretty much everything.  Me, who printed out tons of Banana Republic coupons, bought nothing there.  I mean, I  could have- but I just felt so meh toward all of it.

We came home and heated up leftovers and now this old Ben Affleck movie is playing on TBS?

Mike is sitting on the loveseat by himself and my sister, mom, and me are all on one couch and we are meandering through the desserts in the lazy way that you do on the day after Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow we are getting the TREE and having some people over for T-day weekend pizza-  we promise to take photos!

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