Why I love my Meat CSA

Once a month, we get 20lbs of meat from Chestnut Farms.  It makes me happy, it is like Christmas morning, just with grass fed meat.

DSCN2300They pack their meat soo tightly and cleverly that it usually can’t be put back in the cooler if you inspect it.

Our friends trade driving to the pick up site with us- and usually there are texts the night of the pick up that read “OMG you got pork chops”.  Because that means pork chops with cider gravy.  It’s a special language.  Pork butt = carnitas.

Some more spoils:

DSCN2301 DSCN2302 DSCN2304DSCN2303

Whole chicken and split breasts!

We don’t pick the cuts we receive- we just know that we will get 20lbs  of chicken, pork and beef.  Initially this was challenging because we routinely received cuts we had never seen before in a grocery store- but each challenge has been met.  As we get some of these cuts I will feature them so that everyone can see that taking on something new is fun and rewarding! They rotate between the braising cuts, the “steak” cuts- so you always get a “premium” cut as well as some of the other, more interesting cuts.  We always get ground beef, a whole chicken, and some type of smoked/processed meat (like bacon or sausage).

One of the most remarkable aspects of the CSA is how notably different the meat is from commercial meat- even meat from Whole Foods.  The chickens are more chicken-y, the beef is LEAN-  all cuts.  Barely any fat at all- so it cooks exceptionally quickly (and if overcooked is dry)- but this is what you get with grass fed beef.  The beef is also very tender- sirloin steaks that melt in your mouth.  Sirloin is NOT a cut that I used to like- and now I love it!  The pork-  the PORK!  I finally like pork chops.  I always felt bad, and non-foodie like when I would cast a sideways glance and chops and pork loin- assuming that they would always be dry and flavorless.  Those days are OVER!

Support your local farmers.  Buy local and eat local.  Doing so sustains your community.  It tastes better.  It is unquestionably better for you.  It is better for the environment.  Your dinner did not take a plane ride.  It road in the farmer’s truck, and then you took it home.  And every time you open the cooler- you get to unpack it with excitement for the next month of meals!



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  1. Kristen says:

    You didn’t mention the hot dogs. 😉 the hot dogs are out of this world!

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