Happy Thursday!

Me and my new co-worker, Caius James :)
Me and my new co-worker, Caius James :)

Again- not good at selfies.  At all.  Trying to get better.

On the docket for today-  work. Get lots done.  Cuddle Jamie’s baby.  Run 12 miles (treadmill- any movies on netflix or amazon prime that anyone can recommend?).  Make pork chops. Eat.  Bake lots of cookies.  Worry about the snowstorm that may or may not make most of my party guests stay home Saturday.  Obsess over the snow storm.

Occupying my brain outside of the party/planning-  WRITING MY MARATHON PLAN.  UGHHHH.  I can’t decide/commit and its making me anxious.  I want something that starts in the 40’s (miles per week) and tops out… ???  60 mpw?  70?  Runners- any advice?


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2 Responses to Happy Thursday!

  1. Charlotte says:

    That is a beautiful one, though!

  2. Anda says:

    great pictures of both of you!

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