Workout Recap/Plans

I promise, tonight when I get home, BROWNIES.

For now- a recap of last week’s workouts-

S- 15 miles, outside, avg pace: 8:46
Mon- OFF :)
Tues- 6 miles- 2@ 8:49 pace, 4 @ 7:37 + Muscle Pump (This felt easier than it ought to have)
Wednesday- 7 miles, 8:34 pace w/last 5 minutes @ 6:40 (felt a little garbage-y- hard to breathe for some reason)
Thurs- 12 miles @ 8:34 – felt easy peasy.
Fri- Arc Trainer, 60 minutes + Abs/Arms – my neck spasmed during this workout so my whole day was hard.  Luckily heat and ibuprofen knocked it back!
Saturday- 8 Miles- 2@8:34, 2 @ 8:07, 3@ 7:30, 1 @8:49. (this felt easy!  finally!!!)

Total Miles- 48

And yesterday, to start the new week- 17 miles :)  But we already discussed that.

Planned for this week:
Mon- Arc trainer- 60 min, relatively easy (more of a shakeout)
Tues- 6 miles + muscle (i’m totally addicted!)
Wed- 9-11 miles (depends on timing)
Thursday- 7 Miles
Friday- 12 miles
Saturday- Muscle Pump + Arc Trainer
Total (planned) Miles-  51 (conservatively)

And I am not totally sure about scheduling a long run for this Sunday- because we will be in CT for Christmas-  there may be multiple longer runs in the middle of the week next week (if I can help it!)-  I would love to be running 16-17 in the back woods of Redding or on the rail trails- so we shall see!

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