Thursday Again!

Yesterday I ran outside.  It made my heart sing for all 51 minutes.  Sure, there was some slushy slowness….  and a few cars to dodge- but I made up for each second of going too slow by sprinting the straightaways. Like a “smokey race car”.  (All race cars are smokey according to Jamie’s older son.  I love how he calls them smokey).

This morning, so I could fititallin I went back to the gym and hit up the treadmill- have any of you watched the Katy Perry docu-film?  It is on Netflix.  Highly recommended.  You may find yourself balancing your kindle or i-whatever on your abs while you try to do some sit-ups, or switching to planks and push-ups for a better view of the screen.  Maybe.  7 miles (as planned)- and I just bumped the speed as each pace began to feel easy.  By 6 miles I was at 7:47-  and I think I was comfy and not comfy all at the same time.  I ran my last marathon at 8 min/miles- and for Boston I want to be a littlebitfaster – so I am going to be “practicing” lots of sub-8 miles so that I can feel really comfy at that pace.

Speaking of racing-  I am working on a page dedicated to my races and times- look for it this weekend!  Also, I am probably going to do a New Year’s day race-  not sure if I want to do the 5k or the 10k.  And most likely what is going to happen when I register is a race-registering spree- like $250 worth of my favorite spring races.

Ahh, the best kind of spree.  Now to make it to the start of all of those races healthy….

OH!  and I have had a lot of requests for a post on my Mini-Crab Cakes (they were served at my cocktail party last weekend)- so somewhere in between the office and heading over to my BFF’s tonight I am going to get that post up-  BE EXCITED.  Best app ever… easy, and it is totally make ahead. Like- do the whole thing several days/weeks/ even a month ahead, then pop -em in a hot oven like they’re frozen chicken nuggets- and TA-DA!  delicious, gourmet CRABCAKES.

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