Sorry for the Hiatus,

Sorry for the hiatus guys- but life needed to happen!  Over the next few days I am going to throw some photos up here to keep sharing Christmas (a continuous celebration!  the best type!)- and I will try to make sure I take pictures of my food.  I failed so hard at this over the holiday- please forgive me!

Anyhow- A quick rundown- my cousin Karlis and his wife Krista came over last Sunday night (as in almost a week ago)- and we had meatballs with homemade pasta and marinara sauce, and a shaved fennel salad.  We stayed up wayyyy to late and didn’t take any pictures.  Classic!

Monday we worked and then got in the car asfastaswecould to get to Connecticut-  time to go to Mom’s house!  She has collected a ton of decorations over the years- and between she and my sister Emily- they have quite the eye for decor!  I took these on Christmas Morning before everyone got up :)DSCN2831 Not all of the presents were under the tree yet!DSCN2832 A tree in the music roomDSCN2839 The oldest tree in the house- always in the dining room!DSCN2833 Small trees everywhere!

Christmas Eve day my mom and I did a “new to me” run- instead of going through the woods and out towards Redding we hung a right out of her road and crossed the town line into Weston.  This section of road (a main road) is relatively narrow and winding- so we ran the first 2 miles pretty quickly!  For those interested- we went down Valley Forge Road to the Lyon’s Plain Rd intersection- but decided to run up Davis Hill Rd (skipping the aptly named Steep Hill Road option)- hooking back up with Valley Forge and then heading back the way we came- it ended up being 10.2 miles- some photos from that run included this gem:IMG_20131224_104922_997  Davis Hill Rd-  Weston, CTIMG_20131224_105020_387 We had to stop and take a picture or 3- except that I am really awful at selfies and I just can’t post the pics I took of me and Mom-  not only do we look especially like trolls- we aren’t good at holding our arms out and making the right faces-  we need a lesson from my little sister.

In my brilliance I took photos of our feet- but none of Christmas Eve dinner and apps- beef tenderloin, porcini mushroom and sausage stuffing, horseradish cream, green beans, brie, piradzini, etc.

However, Christmas morning my mom and I were back out on the roads- this time in the other direction into Redding –IMG_20131225_080559_513We woke up to a white Christmas!  This is the backyard. IMG_20131225_081339_149                       Mom running in front, blazing the trail over the dusting of snow-                                                                           IMG_20131225_081755_005 And then out onto the main road. It’s narrow and the dusting of snow had left it a little icy, so we were glad to have only seen 3 cars.  The water is all reservoir/protected land-  stunning, right?  I forget this is where I grew up sometimes.IMG_20131225_082351_025 IMG_20131225_082448_185                          Mom ran us to a small park to show me some improvements made so that the public can access portions of the land- this overlooks the water.  The view my mom had when I was taking the pic of her was this:IMG_20131225_082455_881

Since I can’t leave well enough alone, and since we had only gone a couple of miles-  I suggested we run up Sherman Turnpike/Deer Hill Rd, pop out onto Great Hill Road (rt 107) then loop back again to 53 and run up the hill and through the woods home.  I am a hill seeking missile with a short memory for exactly how long and steep these roads are.

Sherman Turnpike, 8 AM Christmas morning-  approximately one person had driven the road.

IMG_20131225_083829_791Nothing beats a dirt back road in the middle of the woods on a quiet Christmas morning.



More to come later with some pics of the greatest prank pulled on ME and Christmas Day, and what to do with your LEFTOVERS :)

Hope you enjoyed mostly looking at pictures of where we went on our feet.




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