Goals, Goals, Goals

Everyone talks about resolutions, but that sounds like you have already failed at something.  I resolve to lose weight, etc-  but that, in and of itself, does nothing.

New Year's Day 2013- I had No idea where the year would take me or how I would be tested.
New Year’s Day 2013- I had No idea where the year would take me or how I would be tested.

I am a firm believer that if you set a goal, you are more likely to achieve it.  A goal isn’t failed or  unattainable – the way you may negatively discuss resolutions when you’ve broken your diet or if you resolved to go from a size 10 to a 2 in a month.  Goals allow for flexibility- not failure or laziness- simply, flexibility.

Never resolve to quit desserts.
Never resolve to quit desserts.

For example, if I said- I resolve to run the Boston Marathon (a very specific goal) – this is achievable- but it may not be in this year.  Life has taught me that injuries, unexpected events, illnesses can all alter your best laid plans and resolutions.  So do you allow this one setback (for example last year’s femoral stress fracture) make you fail? 

NO.  In all things, you should set a goal to do your best- when I received a diagnosis last year that set me back almost a year fitness-wise-I did not quit my favorite sport.  I bought a silly aqua jogging belt, learned how to swim, and trained the best that I could.  I toed the line for Boston, nearly completed the marathon (only .1 miles short of the finish line)- and when I tell you that I would have been fully satisfied with the projected finish of 4:30- EVEN though this was not the 3:10 marathon I was hoping for/training for before my injury- I am not lying to you.  IMG-20130415-00158

I did my best.

Cresting Heartbreak Hill
Cresting Heartbreak Hill

My goals this year are simple, yet wild.  I really want to set new personal bests at all distances.  I want a spring season that is satisfying to my soul.  I want to toe the line at Boston knowing I put everything I had into my training.  I don’t want to sell myself short.  If I achieve even 1 PR, I know I will be happy.  If my feet are somehow sprinkled in magic pixie dust and I break my personal records in more than one event, I will be seriously elated.

Seriously Cool- my first overall win in a race, back in 2011.  I want to be in that shape again!
Seriously Cool- my first overall win in a race, back in 2011. I want to be in that shape again!

How to get there?  One race at a time.  One foot in front of the other.  There really isn’t any other way to put it- no matter how I decide to structure my speedwork or if i decide to get a coach (again)- the most important piece of the puzzle is to JUST RUN.  RUN MORE.

Today I will spend some time planning my next races- at least 1-2 halfs before Boston- a smattering of early spring 5ks-  probably some 5 milers as well.  I have a few “favorite” races coming up in the early spring that I am looking forward to- so if they aren’t sold out- I am going on a registration spree!

So I urge you- no resolutions.  Set goals.  Set them high.  Work towards them, chip away at them- deal with setbacks not by giving up but by working through.  It may mean setting a pause button or reassesing specific aspects of your goal- but you will achieve great things.

ALSO- your goals are just that- YOURS.  My PR will not be your PR and I promise you that there is always someone faster/stronger/skinnier, etc.  Competition may motivate us- but it is not the point.  When I race, I am always racing against myself– I may recognize faces in the crowd who I am competitive with, and that may push my feet a little faster- but in the end how I feel about the race/goal/whatever is- regardless of placement or age group wins or whatever- depends on if I know within me that I pushed myself as hard as I could and that I showed myself what I am made of.

What are your goals?

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4 Responses to Goals, Goals, Goals

  1. What a great post! I like to make one realistic goal each year and one lofty goal. That way at least I know I will do one of them!

  2. Kristen says:

    I’d love to say that I resolve to start running more (YOU know how much i love a PR and end of race beer!), but in reality…I am having difficult time making time without sacrificing being a parent and wife (or eating and sleeping). Maybe it will be easier when E is a little older and the weather is a little warmer (so we can go together), but on 01.01.2014 I don’t see this happening.

    One thing that I do resolve to do is complete the Whole30 (or 45 or 60…). Ever since I was a kid I’ve always had a lot of trouble regulating my blood sugar (hypoglycemic). As a result, I often turn to sugars and starches to boost my blood sugar quickly (for fear of getting ill or even passing out (Stowe)). Obviously this is unhealthy. I’m hoping that by completing the whole 30, I’ll not only kick non-nutritive foods from my everyday diet (once in a great while as a treat is reasonable), but be more efficient at utilizing my food for energy while being more conscientious about my food sourcing.

    I have Mark on board for his own personal reasons, which will make the resolution that more obtainable. So, I think this might be a good one this year..I’m not even focusing on the 20lbs I’d love to drop, but being healthy (in my diet).

    Ok, I’m done… :)

    • kristina says:

      You go girl! I know you will be able to accomplish whatever you set out to do- but remember- one day that doesn’t work out is not a failure! Just a setback, something to reflect on and become stronger from. All or nothings are not the way life goes- so make sure you are has hard on yourself as you can be- but know when to let up, too :)

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