Marathon Training- Week 6

My training plan is a shifting, living thing- but here is what the last couple of weeks looked like (not every run will have a detail- just the most memorable/interesting)-

Saturday 1/4- 18 miles (TM) (roads covered in snow/ice)-  all miles between 6.8-7.4 mph, total time- 2:34.  Watched World War Z, and an episode of Scandal (the mid-season finale).  If I watch tense shows, I have to bump up the speed to feel like I am a part of the action!  I felt pretty great the whole time. The rest of the day was spent packing and then had delicious sushi with my in-laws in CT before our cruise!

Sunday 1/5- 6 miles, easy.  TM because roads covered in snow/ice. 1 Episode of Law and Order.

Monday 1/6- 8 Miles– 7mph. TM.  Ship moved an intense amount, I had to hang on to keep myself from being tossed around. 1st Sea Day of the Cruise!

Tuesday 1/7- Intended to be fully XT- ran 2 miles waiting for an elliptical, then elliptical for 45 minutes.

Wednesday 1/8– 12 miles (Mid-Long Run). TM.  Ooofff.  Ship moving, started Homeland (episode 1, season 1!)…  the treadmills on the ship reset after 30 minutes- so it was mentally tough to run 3.5 miles, then 3.5 miles, then 3.5 miles, then 1.5 miles. Also, the gym was still crowded, so I did need to hop off and let others use the ‘mills, so there was some waiting.  I followed this run up with a large cheeseburger and a plate of fries.

Thursday 1/9– 6 miles (??) outside on the track.  I could not keep track of my miles on this tiny, tiny little circle- but the ship was not moving (we were in our first port!  St. Thomas!)- so I felt like I could run on the deck and not risk falling (it was wet most mornings), and the 30 mph winds had died down.  I found 2 other fast people and we sort of “raced” through the morning- but no one stuck around for me to get names/do introductions.  :(  Anyhow, I ran for 53 minutes- so it was at least 6 miles, but probably more.

Friday 1/10– 9 miles.  We are in St. Marteen!  Airplane beach!  Ship was not moving, I ran for as long as I had time for on the TM (gym mysteriously empty).  9 Miles @ 7.2 felt easy peasy.

Total miles- 61

Saturday 1/11- HIKE up Gross Piton!  (St. Lucia) for sure yes I will be devoting a post to this day.  No running.  This trashed my quads so awesomely.

Sunday 1/12– OFF. (Barbados)  Felt guilty about it.  My mother in law had to talk me off the ledge and remind me that it is OK to rest.  Thank you!  Got a sports massage.

Monday 1/13- 16 miles (st. Kitts).  Mike and I had a “date day”.  16 miles felt fine- ran about a 8:20- 8:30 pace, HOMELAND IS AWESOME.  Spent the day at my new favorite beach, Mike made reservations at the specialty French restaurant on the ship = BLISS.

Tuesday 1/14–  6 miles, easy.  1st sea day on the way back to New York.  Awesome weather, not too bad on the treadmill.  Spent the day lounging in the sun.

Wednesday 1/15– 10 miles, easy.  Because I had the time.  Everyone else seems to have gotten sick (with a cough), I am spared.  More sun.  More french fries.  We both stay out late with the crowd.  I may have eaten chicken wings at 1 AM.  :)

Thursday 1/16- 6 miles.  I had more energy than I thought I would have considering we went to bed at 2AM the night before and then there was so much noise over our heads all night (we called to complain).  Spent the day lying low and packing, then met my in-laws for Carlo’s Bakery pastries and port.  I may have eaten my weight in brittle and cannolis and this other thing with shortbread and chocolate- but man- heaven!  We finished up the day at the Brazilian Steakhouse-  all I have to say is I can’t wait to try one up here.  Thoroughly bloated and stuffed, we called it an early night.

Friday 1/17– travel day.  Off.  This was not a good day.  Nothing went right as far as disembarkation from the ship- I had plans to run, but by the time we made it to my Mom’s it was time to make dinner, etc.  Oh well.

Saturday 1/18– Run with Mom!  We got up late, but I think we did about 5 miles at conversational pace.  She is on a historic review committee and needs to monitor a road in town for illegal development- so we ran over there and I cracked jokes about performing inspections in a bad Russian accent.  We had fun!

total miles- 43.  2 Days off!  WOAH!

This week:

Sunday 1/19– what the heck is this snow storm?????  20 miles inside.  pace- 8:30- 8:49.  HOMELAND is my FAVORITE.

Monday- 1/20–  ellptical, 60 minutes

Tuesday 1/21– 6 miles @ 7:47 pace-  felt very doable/easy,  Muscle Pump after.  Felt like I hadn’t done it in a month- because oh wait- I hadn’t.

Wednesday 1/22–  SO SORE.  gah.  12 miles (should have been 13)- slow.  Legs are like lead.

Thursday 1/23–  Planned –  8 miles.

Friday– XT

Saturday– Easy 6-8

Projected- 52-54 Miles

Sunday– Boston Prep 16 mile road race.  Not sure of my goal/effort level.

In general this week I feel pretty sore/ trashed.  The pump class really got me- so I want to try to ease up a little on paces towards the end of this week, so that I can run at least a marathon-pace effort for the 16 miler.  The race coarse is really tough (hill city) and it is going to be cold, so I am sure it will be a challenge- but I also think that no matter what it would be a great training run for the marathon! It is A LOT more fun to run with people than on my own :)


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